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Two men found guilty of importing $367.5 million worth of methamphetamine in car bonnets will spend almost a decade in jail after being caught by Australian Border Force agents.

The men were sentenced to five and a half years and nine years in jail respectively after they were traced to the drugs in December 2018.

Australian Border Force agents first became suspicious of a container load of car bonnets that arrived in Port Botany from Malaysia in November 2018.

t the time of seizure, AFP Detective Acting Superintendent Kristie Cressy said lives have been saved by stopping these drugs from entering the community.

“Had this drug seizure made its way to Australian streets, countless lives would have been affected,” Det. Supt Cressy said.

“It could be users, health care workers that deal with drug issues each and every day, or the family that has been torn apart when deaths occur from illicit substance abuse.

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