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A further tool offering targeted agri-climate indicators based on C3S data is CLIMTAG, the CLimate InforMation Tool for AGriculture developed by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO). The tool, developed in consultation with key African stakeholders, was created for agricultural policymakers and high-level decision-making. “Policymakers can use this information to help farmers prepare for climate change directly, by providing short-term support and assistance measures, and indirectly by adjusting policies and incentivizing climate-aware farming practices,” says Jente Broeckx, head of business development at VITO.

Through CLIMTAG, it is possible to better assess information on the climate and its consequences; therefore, the tool is able to support adaptation planning of crop selection, agricultural practices and timelines that can ensure long-term climate-resilient agricultural practices, as Broeckx explains. The tool provides country-wide climate-related information, access to 50 different indicators, as well as monthly information and long-term sub-regional trends.

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