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Australian border officials have solved a major drug smuggling case involving a piece of construction equipment stuffed with 60 kilograms of cocaine.

According to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) police chief the cocaine was hidden inside the hydraulic arm of a second-hand excavator

“This is one of many drug busts conducted and coordinated by ACT Policing.”

ABF officials spotted the drug using a routine x-ray check in the Port of Melbourne in February 2023.

On February 13, 2023 in the port of Melbourne, the Federal Board Force of Melbourne in an inspection of a container ship arriving from Botany Bay (Sydney) found imperfections in the HX300AL crawler excavator, therefore inspecting the excavator also passing it to X-rays with the experts, from the check, found 60 kg of pure cocaine packaged in 1 kg boxes and wrapped in coffee tape.

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