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he New South Wales government is refusing to decriminalise drugs as part of its response to the 2020 inquiry into methamphetamine use and overdoses in young people.

Premier Dominic Perrottet made it “very clear” he would not support decriminalising low-level personal drug possession two years after the recommendation was made as part of a $10.8 million inquiry into the use of the drug ice.

The government today pledged $50 million to both health and justice reform strategies, including allowing low-level drug offenders without a prior conviction to be avoid court in a “two strikes” policy.

Perrottet said 86 of the 109 recommendations will be supported with a focus on justice support, the expansion of drug courts and rehabilitation services.

“Drugs have no place in our society,” he said today.

“But those who have been caught up in taking drugs need care and health support, and this response puts people at the centre.”

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