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The MarTankShip group continues its rise and debuts in the renewable energy sector, ready to become a leader in sustainability and attract investors outside Europe.

As experts in the logistics, transportation and wholesale sale of petroleum products for more than five years, MarTankShip has proposed entering the field of renewable energies to expand its portfolio of activities around the energy market.

A sweet moment for MarTankShip, a group created in 2018 that is attracting the attention of international investors and is ready to launch new projects, also in terms of sustainability.

Active in the field of marketing of petroleum products, the company is dedicated to the development and management of shipping services and has recently attracted the interest of a major extra-European investor.

The group continues its rise and is prepared to diversify its activity with the launch, in Spain, of a new project related to the production of renewable energies.

Growth and innovation in the energy sector

MarTankShip promotes new investments in Spain in the field of renewable energy, especially in the biofuels and photovoltaic energy sector.

The new project aims to effectively satisfy the growing demand for solutions with low environmental impact, based on the use of sustainable energy sources, with the aim of promoting savings and, at the same time, reducing polluting emissions.

The attractive potential of MarTankShip depends essentially on two key factors: experience in the oil sector and the launch of the Spanish project focused on renewable energies

Furthermore, Spain is the preferred market to promote investments in sustainability, given local policies in favor of companies that promote long-term investments in the field of renewable energy.

On the other hand, the new project allows the group to strengthen the extensive experience acquired in the oil sector, giving life to new diversified initiatives that satisfy market changes and the need to promote sustainability. In fact, one of the company’s priorities is to guarantee the best commitment to the creation of an innovative and sustainable energy future.

MarTankShip attracts international investors

The attractive potential of MarTankShip essentially depends on two key factors: experience in the oil sector and the launch of the Spanish project focused on renewable energies. These aspects demonstrate both the group’s commitment to energy sector innovation and the bright prospects for future growth.

The new investments will drive the expansion of the company, which aims to develop new activities and progressively acquire a considerable competitive advantage in the global energy market.

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