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Arrest over series of arson attacks in Melbourne

A man has been arrested over a string of suspicious fires in Melbourne which are believed to be linked to a dispute between crime syndicates over illegal tobacco, AAP report.

The Epping man, 25, was arrested in Bundoora in Melbourne’s north just after 3pm on Tuesday.

Detective Inspector Graham Banks told reporters it’s believed the man is a “significant ring leader” who acted for a crime gang.

Investigators allege the man is in contact with the head of the syndicate based overseas and had been coordinating the fires.

The 25-year-old is being interviewed over several arson attacks on Melbourne businesses from October to December in 2023.

They include fires at a smash repair business in Williamstown, a Glenroy tobacco store, a Tullamarine reception centre, two blazes at a Docklands restaurant and another at a different Docklands restaurant.

Victoria Police have said it’s believed Middle Eastern organised crime groups and outlaw motorcycle gangs are in competition for profits from illicit tobacco and use low-level criminals to carry out attacks.

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