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Would you pay to work for free?

It’s an ironic question, but unfortunately, a very relevant one for a generation of students and graduates trying to get their foot in the door.

While unpaid internships may remain a “necessary evil” on the path to employment, calls to end the practice have been renewed after it was revealed students were paying thousands of dollars to work for free.

Study and Work (Budding Talents Recruitment Pty Ltd), an Australian-based career management and recruitment company, recently caught online attention when its Professional Internship Program sparked a debate about the role of third-party recruitment agencies.

According to its website, the company charges participants a “placement fee” of $2000 plus GST for a guaranteed internship without competition, or $4000 plus GST for an internship with job prospects at one of 2000 affiliated host companies, including LG Electronics, Allianz Trade, and Macquarie Health Corporation.

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