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More than a decade after she was attacked by a stranger in her own street, Tahlia Giumelli has asked the grim question on the minds of so many Australian women.

“Will there ever be a time where as women, we feel safe even when walking in broad daylight?”

The model, mother-of-two and wife of South Sydney Rabbitohs player, Tom Burgess, took to Instagram to share the experience that still impacts her to this day, revisiting the moment she was attacked in broad daylight.

“14 years ago today, the day after my 17th birthday, I was walking home after school and was followed and attacked in my street at random,” she said in a post to Instagram.

“That one event would forever change my life.”

“Spending months in and out of police stations, interview rooms, working with the police to draw up a sketch and months later eventually lead to a positive ID and arrest, which would then turn into more months of trials and waiting before a sentence hearing and ultimately a jail sentence for multiple offences against women.”

In an Instagram post in 2018, Ms Giumelli spoke out about the attack and shared her anger at Australia’s “growing problem” of violence against women. The post coincided with the murder of Melbourne women, Eurydice Dixon.

Ms Giumelli said the man who attacked would go on to reoffend after he was released from jail.

“Unfortunately in the last 14 years nothing has changed, women still can’t go for a run or walk without being attacked or worse as proven recently in the media.

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