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A 38-year-old woman who became lost while bushwalking on Friday morning was rescued in NSW’s Blue Mountains today.

A specialist search and rescue team located the woman near Katoomba about 10.30am, almost 24 hours after she was reported missing.

The 15-person team was dispatched to locate the woman “in challenging conditions and heavy rain,” NSW State Emergency Services said.

“We located her in bushland near Katoomba and helped warm her up because she had been out in the cold and rain overnight,” Senior Group Officer Caro Ryan said.

“One of our NSW SES volunteers is also a paramedic and was able to assess the woman, but she had no injuries and was able to walk out with us.”

The woman had been reported missing around 11.30am on Friday and was finally located by NSW SES members at 10.30am today.

The bush search and rescue team are often called in to assist with searches of the remote and rugged areas.

It comes as widespread rain continues to slam NSW, with flood warnings issued for several rivers across the state.

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