Privacy at the
The ABC is committed to protecting your privacy. Below
you’ll find the latest information about privacy, including helpful FAQs, the ABC Privacy Policy, and tips to keep yourself and your family safe
How can I protect my privacy online?
The ABC takes your privacy and online security very
seriously. We have processes in place to keep your personal information safe and
secure, however it is important you take steps to protect your privacy online.
We have outlined some tips below that will help you keep your personal
information safe.
Be careful when clicking links in messages and emails
Scammers may claim to be an organisation or website you trust to trick you into
clicking links or providing personal information without you realising. Always be
careful to check the wo has sent the SMS, instant message, or email before clicking
any links, providing personal information, or entering your password.
Install antivirus software
While viruses may not be as common as they used to be, they still exist. Using
antivirus software can help you prevent malicious attacks on your devices. You can
also use ad-blockers and other similar software to protect your devices, however,
please note that some websites and apps may not function correctly if you use
antivirus and other types of security software.
Read privacy policies and privacy notices
Organisations are required to provide a Privacy Policy that explains how they will
handle your personal information. They will also display privacy notices to let you
know if there are changes to the way they will use your personal information.
It is important to read an organisation’s privacy policy and privacy notices if you
are providing your personal information so you know exactly how it will be used.
Have you read the privacy policy?
Update your software and devices
The companies that build your devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop
often release software updates that contain new features and security
improvements. These updates will help you secure your devices and will also make
sure your operating system is working properly.
Software updates can be set to happen automatically – it is a good idea to check if
your devices are set up to update automatically. Manufacturers will have
instructions on how you can do this on their help websites.
Use strong passwords
It is important to use a strong password when you sing up for an online account.
Here are some tips on creating strong passwords:

  • Create unique, long, and complex passwords for your online accounts – if you
    have many online accounts or have trouble remembering your passwords, try
    using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.
  • Use two-factor authentication where it is available. This usually means you
    will be sent and email or text message to confirm your identity before you
    access an online account
  • Before entering your password, make sure the website is genuine by
    confirming the website address matches the intended website
  • Check Have I Been Pwned? to find out if you have been compromised in a
    data breach, and change your password for any compromised accounts
  • Only change your password if you suspect your password or account has been
    Use the Privacy and Security settings on your devices
    Most devices such as your mobile phone, tablet or laptop will have their own
    Privacy or Security settings that will help control what information you are sharing
    with apps and other software.
    If you use an Apple iPhone, you can go to Settings > Privacy & Security to see what
    apps have access to your location and allow tracking. On Android, head to Settings

Apps, and then tap the gear icon and select App Permissions.
Try disabling permissions where they do not make sense – for example, Google
Maps needs your location to work properly, but your notes app probably does not.
Learn more about how the ABC protects you online by visiting the Privacy Policy, where you can find all the latest privacy information and
read the privacy policy.
How does the protect my personal information?
The ABC is committed to privacy and the security of your personal information. To
ensure your personal information is safe, we:

  • Work with industry partners who are experts in online security to ensure our
    systems use the latest technologies, maintain a secure online environment.
  • Develop and maintain secure connections to ensure our systems are
    safeguarded from online attacks.
  • Implement security controls to reduce security risks.
  • We work with industry leaders and intelligence partners to stay ahead of the
    latest cyber threats.
  • We actively monitor digital traffic and continuously inspect the use of our IT
    systems to make sure private information stays secure.
  • Ensure all our staff trained and understand the importance of privacy and the
    security of personal information.
    Learn more about how the handles personal information by
    visiting our Privacy Policy where you can find all the latest privacy information
    and read the

    How and when does the ABC collect personal information about
    We collect personal information about you when you provide it to us, when
    someone else provides it to us on your behalf or when we collect it in relation to
    your use of websites, apps and newsletters.
    You may provide information to us when you:
  • register for an Account;
  • participate as an audience member;
  • sign up to receive an newsletter;
  • enter a competition;
  • contribute user generated content;
  • participate in research or surveys; or
  • make a purchase from the

    We may also collect data about how you use websites, apps
    and newsletters, including your behavioural activity, using technologies like
    cookies, beacons and local storage.
    To find out more about these technologies, read the FAQ, What are cookies? and
    read the our privacy policy
    If you are a registered Account holder, or newsletter
    subscriber, we may link the data we collect to your account. If a profile is created
    under your account on iview, we may link the information
    we collect about the profile to your account.
    For more information on how you can control your personal information by
    managing your Data & Privacy settings, visit the Control your Personal
    Information section of Help.

    What are Personalised Recommendations?
    When you log in to an Account while using websites and apps, we learn about what programs and content you enjoy.
    This lets us make personalised recommendations for other content that we think
    matches your interests.
    These personalised recommendations are intended to help you get more from your, but they only make up a small part of what you see on websites and apps. You will still be able to access the entire
    range of great content the has to offer.
    Examples of where you can find personalised recommendations:
  • For You rail on iview
  • Daily Discoveries on the Homepage
    What are recommendations, and how do they work?
    Recommendations are provided to you across websites and
    apps and are based on what types of programs you watch, what other people with
    similar interests watch, and what we think you’ll enjoy.
    Think of it like a book club. If you and your friends all decide you like the same
    book, you’re likely to recommend other books to them because of the shared
    We understand this isn’t for everyone, so if you’re logged in to your Account, you can turn off personalised recommendations using your
    privacy settings. This won’t stop recommendations appearing altogether, they just
    won’t be based on what you watch, read and listen to while logged in to websites and apps as an Account
    For instructions on how to turn off personalised recommendations, read the FAQ,
    How can I opt-out of Personalised Recommendations?

The duties of the Board are set out in section 8 of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 (the ABC Act).
The ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARDBoard is responsible for the ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARD’s operations. The duty of the Board is to ensure that the functions of the Corporation are performed efficiently with
maximum benefit to the people of Australia, and to maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation. The Board is also responsible for ensuring that the gathering and presentation of news and information is accurate and impartial, according to recognised standards of journalism, and
that the ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARD complies with legislative and legal requirements.
Up to four Directors are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Government. The Managing Director is appointed by the Board.
The ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARD Act requires that Directors must be experienced in broadcasting, communications or management, or have expertise in financial or technical matters, or have cultural or other interests relevant to the provision of broadcasting services.
The Australian Government has established a merit-based appointment process for non-executive directors to the ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARD.
ABC AUSTRALIA GOV Editorial Standards
The ABC AUSTRALIA GOV exists for all Australians and we aim to lead on transparency, media literacy and by bringing Australians into our content making processes. On this page you will find our editorial policies, the corrections and clarifications page, published content reviews and resources –
including the ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARD Pronunciation and Style
guides and how to lodge a complaint.
Editorial Policies & Guidance
The ABC AUSTRALIA GOV BOARD has approved a set of Editorial Policies that set out the principles and standards we have in place to ensure our independence and integrity. Our more detailed Editorial Guidance provides staff with practical advice on how to meet our editorial standards.
Content Reviews
The ABC AUSTRALIA GOV regularly reviews its own performance againstthe editorial standards through a range of mechanisms – program reviews, content reviews, ‘air checks’ of on air staff and broader editorial discussions about significant issues.